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European Tour 2022

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Große Arena
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Madrugada returns

Madrugada’s reunion tour two years ago was a triumphant journey through fourteen countries Europe. Now the band announces a new European tour and confirms that new music is in the making.

On their comeback tour in 2019, the band discovered a fan base that had grown significantly during their absence, resulting in concerts selling out so quickly that larger venues had to be booked. The audience they met was a blend of hardcore fans that had followed them from the beginning and a passionate, younger group of fans that never believed they would get a chance to see them live.  Madrugada had been loved and greatly missed.

The band’s legendary debut album “Industrial Silence” was central to their reunion tour. The twenty year anniversary for the album was the direct cause of their getting together again, and the album material provided the heart of their repertoire in 2019. This time, however, the audience can look forward to hearing brand new songs mixed with the classics, as the band is currently in the midst of recording new music.

The journey of Madrugada is an artistic and commercial success story. They won five Norwegian Grammies and several other awards. Their records sold to gold and platinum. All together they released five studio albums, one live album and a string of singles and EP’s.

When Madrugada disbanded in 2008, after completing their self-titled last album on pure strength of will, the story seemed to be over. The reunion tour two years ago provided an unexpected, but exciting new chapter.

From the first note in the rehearsal room it was evident that magic was still present as both musical collaborators and childhood friends. Not long after the tour was over, the band decided to carry on together. “We just wanted the tour to go on!“. 

With the announcement of a new tour and new music, the tale of Madrugada continues. 

Tickets are on sale from Wednesday June 16th at 10am.

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Dear visitors of the Tempodrom,

To make sure you will have a safe and unforgettable concert, we have enhanced the safety measures and entrance controls.

For safety reasons as well as to make sure the access controls will not take too long, we kindly ask you to only take the following items with you:

  • bag or backpack up to a maximum size of DIN A4 (21,0 x 29,7 cm)

Please refrain from bringing the following items:

  • bag or backpack larger than DIN A4 (21,0 x 29,7 cm)
  • bulky items of any kind (suitcases, baskets, helmets, buggies, stick umbrellas etc.)
  • drinks, food and snacks
  • technical devices (notebooks, tablets, cameras, audio- or video recording devices, GoPros, selfie sticks, big power banks etc.) 

Further information can be found  in our house rules.

Divergent from common regulations, different and stricter rules can be applied by the promoter of the concert. We will inform you about last-minute rearrangements on our website, on facebook and twitter.

Near the main entrance you will have the option to store things you cannot take into the Tempodrom with you. Please note that the space is very limited. The charge only covers costs and is a service from our side for our guests. As an alternative you can use lockers at the near Potsdamer Platz to store larger bags and backpacks.

Your jackets and other clothes can be stored inside the Tempodrom at the cloakroom which is located in the lower tier.

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