Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy tickets?

Apart from the ticket hotline +49 (0)1806 554 111 (0,20 €/call incl. VAT, Mobile max. 0,60 €/call incl. VAT) and the online-purchase through our homepage there are several box offices nearby:

  • Tagesspiegel Shop – Askanischer Platz 3, 10963 Berlin, opening hours:  monday - friday from 9am -6pm
  • ArsScribendi, point of sale for theatre and concerts, located on the 1st floor of Potsdamer Arcades, opening hours: monday - friday, from 10am - 9pm
  • KOKA36 at Oranienstraße 29, 10999 Berlin, opening hours: monday - friday from 9am - 7pm and saturdays from 10am - 4pm. 

We would like to address that Tempodrom doesn’t sell tickets for events but only and exclusively offers leased premises to promoters. The particular tenant (i.e. promoter etc.) is solely in charge of the ticketing as well as the marketing and realization of the event.  All questions regarding the ticket purchase are therefore to be handled by the promoter. 

Do I need a ticket for my baby/infant? 

Basically, every visitor needs a valid ticket no matter which age. However, exceptions are made at some events. More information is to be requested from the particular promoter. Contact details are displayed on the respective event page on our website. 

Where can I buy tickets for people with disabilities?

Please call the ticket hotline via +49 (0)1806 554 111 (0,20 €/call incl. VAT, Mobile max. 0,60 €/call incl. VAT) for the purchase of tickets suitable for people with disabilities and wheelchair users (occasionally with attendant). 


Are vouchers for snacks and drinks available at Tempodrom? 

Yes, there are three different vouchers available at for a particular event. 

  • catering voucher (1x snack & 1x drink) ► buy online here
  • coat check and catering voucher (1x coat check & 1x snack & 1x drink) ► buy online here
  • beverage voucher (open bar serving beer, wine, non-alcoholic drinks, Prosecco) ► buy online here 
Where can I buy vouchers for an upcoming event at Tempodrom?

Gift vouchers, which can later be redeemed online,  are available at eventim and can be used for all events at Tempodrom.


Can I exchange my voucher (e.g. Groupon) before the date of the event?

Vouchers (e.g. Groupon) can only be exchanged on the date of the event during admission hour at the booking office. 


What happens if an event has been canceled and how do I get a refund?

If an event has been canceled, we will be communicating the official statement of the promoter on the particular event page on our website. Tickets may be returned at the point of purchase. For more information on this matter please contact the promoter. The contact details can be found on the event page on our website. 

Arrival and Parking

Are there parking spaces near the Tempodrom?

In the near space of the Tempodrom there is only limited space where you will find public parking spaces. Therefore we recommend using the following 4 chargeable car parks: Excelsior House, “Parkplatz am Martin-Gropius-Bau”, “Parkhaus Gleisdreieck”, “Tiefgarage Potsdamer Platz”.
Parking spaces for people with a certificate of disability can be found on the forecourt of the Tempodrom. Further information regarding parking spaces can be found here.

How do I get to the Tempodrom via public transport?

In the near surroundings you can use the following trains or buses:

S-Bahn (streetcar):
S1/S2/S25 to Anhalter Bahnhof

U-Bahn (subway):
U1/U7 to U-Bahnhof Möckernbrücke
U2 to U-Bahnhof Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Park

129 to Anhalter Bahnhof
248 to Möckernstraße
M41 to Anhalter Bahnhof

Arrival by plane:
Berlin has two airports: Tegel in the northwest and Schönefeld in the southeast. Both airports offer an express shuttle service to the city center. Schönefeld is also easily accessible by regional train or the S9 city train. Tegel airport can also be reached with public transport by using the city train/subway and bus (S41/42 to Jungfernheide, U7 to Jakob-Kaiser-Platz, Bus X9, 109). The travel time from both airports to the city center /Potsdamer Platz depends on the traffic situation and takes between 25 and 45 minutes. 

Arrival by train:
The main long-distance railway stations in Berlin are the main station “Hauptbahnhof” and the east station “Ostbahnhof”. They both have direct access to the city trains and many bus lines. Tempodrom can be reached within 8 minutes from the main station by cab. Travel times from the east station depend on the traffic situation but are usually between 10 and 20 minutes when taking a cab. 

Plan your journey here: 

Are there bicycle stands at Tempodrom?

Bicycle stands are located on the right hand side of the forecourt. 


Is Tempodrom accessible?

Yes, it is:

  • parking spaces for disabled people on the forecourt
  • accessible admission
  • toilets equipped for disabled people

Visitors with a disabled person’s pass may use the entrance for wheelchair users which is located right next to the box office on the left hand side to the main entrance. The lower and upper tier aswell as the arena can be reached by elevator. Furthermore, we have toilets equipped for diabled people on the lower tier. 

Are there separate parking spaces for disabled people?

Yes! The forecourt of Tempodrom holds 16 parking spaces for disabled people. Access to the parking lot is possible from Möckernstraße. Please show your disabled person’s pass (blue, with at least 70%) at the gate. The entry to the foyer is only 20m away from the parking lot. 


Is it allowed to bring guide dogs for the blind?

Yes, it is allowed. However, it is not possible to position oneself at will with a guide dog: every public event offers declared spaces for disabled people which are also available to our visitors with guide dogs. The exact location of these spaces varies, as not every event holds the same seating arrangements. In order to bring a guide dog it is principally necessary to buy a ticket analogue to a wheelchair user. 
We would like to address that Tempodrom doesn’t sell tickets for events but only and exclusively offers leased premises to promoters. The particular tenant (i.e. promoter etc.) is solely in charge of the ticketing aswell as the marketing and realization of the event.  All questions regarding the ticket purchase are therefore to be handled by the promoter. All pets except guide dogs are not allowed at Tempodrom. 



May children under 16 visit an event without an adult present?

Under 6 years:
Children under the age of 6 need to be accompagnied by at least one of their parents.

Under 16 years:
Access is only allowed to children and teenagers under the age of 16 when accompanied by an adult and both having valid tickets. A written confirmation by the minors’ parents, stating the compagnion and his/her responsabilities, is needed for access to the event. 
Over 16 under 18 years:
Young people aged 16 and older may attend concerts and musical performances until midnight without a guardian.

Deviating from these regulations, different or stricter rules defined by the promoter may apply. Please take all the information given on our website or contact the promoter directly for more detailed information. 

Conditions For Admission

Dear visitors of the Tempodrom,

To make sure you will have a safe and unforgettable concert, we have enhanced the safety measures and entrance controls.

For safety reasons as well as to make sure the access controls will not take too long, we kindly ask you to only take the following items with you:

  • bag or backpack up to a maximum size of DIN A4 (21,0 x 29,7 cm)

Please refrain from bringing the following items:

  • bag or backpack larger than DIN A4 (21,0 x 29,7 cm)
  • bulky items of any kind (suitcases, baskets, helmets, buggies, stick umbrellas etc.)
  • drinks, food and snacks
  • technical devices (notebooks, tablets, cameras, audio- or video recording devices, GoPros, selfie sticks, big power banks etc.) 

Further information can be found  in our house rules.

Divergent from common regulations, different and stricter rules can be applied by the promoter of the concert. We will inform you about last-minute rearrangements on our website, on facebook and twitter.

Near the main entrance you will have the option to store things you cannot take into the Tempodrom with you. Please note that the space is very limited. The charge only covers costs and is a service from our side for our guests. As an alternative you can use lockers at the near Potsdamer Platz to store larger bags and backpacks.

Your jackets and other clothes can be stored inside the Tempodrom at the cloakroom which is located in the lower tier.     

May I bring my own food and beverages to Tempodrom?

Bringing food or beverages to Tempodrom is strictly forbidden. Exceptions are made for guests that need to carry food or beverages due to an illness, but only if a doctor’s certificate is shown. The provisioning of babies and toddlers is also allowed.

When do the doors open?

Doors open 1 hour before the event starts. Concerts usually start at 8pm, so the doors open at 7pm. The exact schedule can be viewed in our event calendar. We recommend an early arrival because of the access control. Doors and stage times are subject to change, even on the day of the event. In this case, we will inform you on our website aswell as on our social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

When should I arrive at an event at Tempodrom? What happens when I’m late?

We recommend an early arrival. Please arrange enough time for the access control.

A belated access is always possible regardless of the event. The only exception are events where TV or DVD recordings take place. 

Will merchandise be available?

Depending on the event there are merchandise booths which are usually located at the right hand sight of the foyer.

I have heard about Artist XY playing at Tempodrom, but can’t find any information on the website. Where can I get information?

Only the events displayed in our calendar are officially confirmed. 


Are food and beverages available at Tempodrom?

A wide range of food and beverages is offered in the foyer as well as in our restaurant. A variety of different food and drinks is also available on the forecourt of Tempodrom.

More information on the gastronomic offerings at Tempodrom can be found here.


Which hotels are nearby?

A wide range of food and beverages is offered in the foyer as well as in our restaurant. A variety of different food and drinks is also available on the forecourt of Tempodrom. 

More information on the gastronomic offerings at Tempodrom can be found here

The Venue

Is smoking allowed at Tempodrom? What about e-cigarettes?

Smoking is strictly prohibited at Tempodrom. It is possible to smoke on the forecourt of Tempodrom.

What are the seating arrangements? Which seats offer the best view?

The big arena is built like an amphitheatre. It contains an arena on ground level as well as an ascending lower and upper tier. A representation of the seating plan with detailed pictures can be viewed here.

Is it possible to rent the Tempodrom for private events?

The aesthetics and architecture of Tempodrom offer the ideal ambience for galas and banquets and give a special touch to every event. All premises can be customized upon individual ideas and demands. 

More information can be given by: 

Marko Schilp
Sales Manager Corporate Events
F +49 (0)30 747 37-218

Lost & Found

Does a lost property office exist?

If you have lost an item during an event at Tempodrom or forgotten one of your belongings at the coatcheck, please contact us via mail:
In urgent cases please call : +49 (0)3074737220 during 9am and 6pm - only on weekdays. 
Please note that lost property is usually received by us 1-2 days after the event.


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